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What are Beta's core values?

Beta Theta Pi values Integrity, Mutual Assistance, Trust, Intellectual Growth, and Responsible Conduct.

I will make friends in my residence hall and classes; what would be different about fraternity friends?

Membership in a fraternity is an experience with shared values and objectives. A common bond of brotherhood is developed among chapter members—a bond that extends to all who share the same heritage, traditions and ritual and who wear the same badge. These friendships last beyond the college years and are nurtured by alumni activities and networking programs that provide opportunities for continued camaraderie, service, and personal development.

I’m worried about not having friends outside of a Fraternity. Will I be able to make friends outside of a fraternity, or are they exclusive?

While the bonds you make with your brothers will form some of your closest friendships, everyone in Beta Theta Pi is so involved on campus that it is near impossible to not make good friends outside of Beta. Beta also focuses on inclusion rather than exclusion, which sets us apart from typical stereotypes surrounding other fraternities.

What sets Beta apart from other Fraternities nationally and at TCU?

Betas stand as Men of Principle, and we stay true to that ideal in all aspects of our lives. Our accolades include:
- Lowest dues of IFC fraternities on campus

- Highest chapter average GPA on campus (3.570)

- One of the highest chapter minimum grade expectations in the fraternal community
- One of eleven national fraternities with above a 3.0 GPA
- Receiving 11 international awards since 1999 for outstanding leadership development programing
- One of the lowest liability insurance premiums of any fraternity at $120 per year per member
- Our overall commitment to Brotherhood and our mutual respect amongst Brothers of Beta


What is the Men of Principle initiative?

Beta’s Men of Principle initiative is not a localized idea; rather it is a message that transcends cultures and can resonate on every campus. The message is simple: times change, principles do not. Entrepreneurial in spirit and ambitious at heart, we are recruiting men who believe in the mission of the organization. It is our goal to align our fraternity with the founding ideals set forth by our eight brothers in 1839. Beta’s recent success, coupled with 170 years of tradition, leadership, and commitment to excellence, has proven to be what college men today are looking for in a fraternity.


How have Beta alumni faired after college?

Beta Theta Pi has prepared collegiate men for roles as more than 80 Rhodes Scholars, 200 members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, 23 State Governors, 6 Congressional Medal of Honor winners and 11 current CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.

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